FAS CSCS – Signing, Lighting & Guarding at Road-works

FAS CSCS / FETAC- Signing, Lighting & Guarding at Road-works

Who should attend

Managers, supervisors and operatives who are required to plan, organize, direct and manage road-works, in both rural and urban situations. This training is mandatory under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006, and will be enforced from July 6 2009.


3 Days (theory & site practical)

Max No

8 participants per course,  8:45am – 5.00pm


Delivered by FÁS-registered Instructors (2 instructors).


Candidates who successfully complete this course will be trained to plan, organize, direct and manage the safe flow of traffic through road-works, in both rural and urban situations, with a minimum of delay to road users.


Due to the requirement of record keeping for successful applicants, and the volume of theory involved in the course, candidates with poor literacy and/or innumeracy cannot be catered for and should not be put forward as trainees. There is a pre-requisite for candidates to have a Valid *Safepass* card before attending the course.


€650 per Candidate – including all course materials,  registration and applications.

(FAS/FETAC Certificate and CSCS Card)


Payment in advance.


TMTS Ltd- Training Centre, Unit 9 Ballyconnell Business Park, Co. Cavan.

Training can also be delivered at an alternative venue, provided that a suitable practical site location, and training facility which meets FAS requirements, can be attained.


Please call (049)9527399 or Damien  (087)7390082

Specifically, trainees will learn to:

  • Prepare detailed plans for intended road-work sites, showing relevant distances, sizes and dimensions in accordance with the traffic layouts set out in “Chapter 8” and “Guidance for the control and management of traffic at Road-works” documents.
  • Select correct signage requirements for intended road-works.
  • Demonstrate setting out advance signing, safety zones and pedestrian walkways at sample road-works.
  • Demonstrate the positioning, testing, adjusting, of temporary traffic signals at sample road-works.
  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the subject by practical and written examination.
  • Demonstrate ability to safely conduct activities at sample road-works.  Produce and implement plans of intended roadwork sites showing the position of signs, cones, barriers, safety zones


FÁS CSCS Registration Card (Construction Sector Certification Scheme)

FETAC Level 5 certification and identity card for successful applicants.